• Donna

Gifts and Blessings of 2017

This past year has been a time of great shifts and an ushering in of new possibilities! 2015 and 2016 had been very challenging with deep losses and a subsequent feeling of being unable gain much needed perspective. Early in 2017, I felt divinely directed to attend an amazing networking group, Wild About Wellness. This is where the magic began! I felt nervous to put myself out there, but did so willingly. The result has been nothing short of magic. This has been a precious opportunity to embrace my personal medicine and to deeply acknowledge my souls purpose. Beautiful people have entered my life feeling a 'yes' to receiving the Munay Ki rites, the Cosmic rites or an energy medicine session. I have also been to see many of the healers and practitioners in this group with wonderful results. Some of the lessons of 2017 include: - Regardless of how challenging life gets, it will always cycle back to gentle and peaceful times. - When divinely directed to move in a specific direction, answer 'yes' no matter how nervous you feel. - Call on Source frequently for guidance and perspective. - When inevitable denser thoughts enter in, move quickly to the energies of Eagle in order to gain that expansive and detached view. - Find ways daily to articulate feelings of deep gratitude and blessings. - Turn to a creative outlet in order to find a divine mirror of your souls journey. - Find ways to keep your physical vehicle clean and clear of discordant energies.