• Donna


On this Easter day, in the year 2020, we are being asked, compelled, and drawn to go deeply within ourselves to release (and allow to die) the parts of ourselves that are ready to transcend…

We stand resurrected in our new truth and beauty. Collectively, we move forward in to an uncertain and awe-filled world having shifted so deeply that a new era cannot help but dawn….

The writing below is a moment in time that was experienced last summer.


It was a brightly illumined summer’s day.

All should have felt right with the world….but…

First, there was an underlying sense of agitation.

This feeling grew to a deep feeling of anxiousness.

The choice was simple. I had to make my way to my favorite bench by the beloved waters of Lake Erie.

There, the sky kisses the waters and the waters caress the sand.

Eyelids close as I settle on ‘my’ bench; offering calm to breath and allowing the stillness within to permeate the air.

The message came quickly and was very clear.

“You feel anxious because you have been in this chrysalis too long. It is time to emerge.”

A single tear met my cheek as this feeling of panic and tension swiftly lifted.

Upon opening my eyes, what flew in front of me, but a single monarch butterfly.







A steady stream of tears met my cheeks now mixed with an awe-filled sense of wonder and gratitude.

I lost count that day…

This story, this myth felt so deeply personal that it has only been shared with a few cherished souls.

But now, at this incredibly pivotal moment in our collective history/herstory, it wants to be shared. You see, we stand at a crossroads of our souls deepest longing…

“You feel anxious because you have been in this chrysalis too long. It is time to emerge…”


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