energy medicine

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Whether you are a healer in need of some tender care and perspective or you are new on the path, an energy medicine healing is a powerful way to reconnect with your truest essence.

Come and drink deeply from your authentic self by releasing all that is wanting to be freed and joyfully ushering in the energies of your greatest Soul’s purpose. Let’s open sacred space together and see what shows up!


Energy Medicine includes:


Illuminations- If you feel you are stuck in repeating patterns, or are in emotional pain, the illumination process can be very effective. Request an illumination and feel lighter and healed.


Soul Retrievals- Through trauma, pain, or past life crisis we can lose soul parts of ourselves. This can leave us feeling empty, emotional and out of balance. Come and deeply welcome Soul parts back and step into Joy and Grace.


Extractions- The Extraction process allows you to release toxic energies (or entities) from the Luminous Energy Field. Intrusive energies can create illness, confusion and can fragment your soul.

Solid Extractions- Those aches and pains in your body could be solid pieces of energy from past life trauma. This energy can be gently released, giving the client freedom form pain and discomfort.

Individual Sessions


1 - 2 hours





"I am always in profound amazement and gratitude with all the healing and grace Donna Stares bestows upon me during a session. I often leave crying in joy after our work together. Donna offers insightful wisdom for the challenges of everyday life and also guides lightworkers into stepping courageously in our soul purpose within these times of planetary transcendental shifts. Spirit works with and through her beautifully, powerfully yet ever so gently as a midwife of planetary shifts among us. I was feeling lost and confused but Donna re-connected me to my inner light and medicine to charge forward in my soul journey.  She is a gifted medicine woman who heals and changes lives.”




"I booked a healing session with Donna when the stress took the better of my body. I was so impressed with the gentle application of her healing skills. She released my body from the hold my circumstance had on me and set my body free of pain. Donna is a true Shaman in my opinion. Her healing work is sacred."

- H.C.


"Donna’s treatments have been very helpful for me.  Significant differences in physical symptoms (energy levels, back pain, fullness/pressure feeling in the ears), mental symptoms (low mood/low level mild to moderate chronic depression) and with emotional symptoms (provided techniques for changing attitude/recurring negative emotions) have been successfully addressed.  She was able to make a big difference for me over the course of 6 treatments.  She has a very professional approach that is especially respectful, gentle, warm and caring. She was highly effective for me and I would strongly recommend that she be given a chance to help."