cosmic rites

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Welcome!  Are you feeling a ‘yes’ for this powerful work? The Cosmic Rites are energetic transmissions that have been

gifted by Spirit to various individuals who, in some way, work as healers and with divine energies. Most of these

individuals have had an affiliation with the Four Winds Society and the work of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, or have received


and gifted the Munay-Ki rites. There are times when sacred energetic downloads transpire and we are to work with


them in a very personal and private way. However, these energies have been gifted with the intent, and request (by


Spirit), that they be shared with all who feel called to receive.

Here you will learn about and receive energetic rites for:

-The Radiant Heart and how to deeply connect and source from this deeply divine place.

-The Cosmic Mind and the teachings that assist you to connect with the spaces between matter.

-The Infinity rite and the way to access pure source.

-The Way Keepers and how to unite with the Cosmic Architects.

-The Earth Star Keeper and how to deeply connect with the Earth


These five transmissions of energy make up the cosmic rites. Tasted alone, they are


exquisite in their form and beauty. Taken together, they are very powerful. I am so


honored to have been called to share them. Take this opportunity to take them into your


souls and work with them in joy and reverence!


In Deepest Munay,




Two days,

 one weekend



Once a week, for five weeks





"From the initial opening of sacred space and giving thanks to the four directions South, West, North, East, and Heaven and Earth, and throughout the receiving of the five energetic transmissions of the Cosmic Rites, I experienced profound awakenings and transformation, a deep honouring of personal sacred space and a sense of infinite possibilities. Although the transmission of the Cosmic Rites was a completely new experience, there was a sense of familiarity and recognition at some deeper level within, as we participated in ceremony to receive and witness the transmission of the rites of passage, allowing for inner reflection and journey. 

Janet and Donna together created a  tapestry of their wisdom teachings of the Cosmic rites through storytelling roots of the medicine way allowing us to experience the next evolution of humankind, connect us with our Luminous Energy Field, infinity, and awaken our connection to the highest energies of light which are bathing our planet and transforming us during ceremonial transmissions. The rich teachings and transmissions of the Cosmic Rites have profoundly impacted my daily activity. Awareness and choices, practice, acknowledgment and creation of sacred space has changed my personal and professional interactions and practice on every level, including regularly offering ceremony honouring sacred space, spirit, the people and those who’s lives are interwoven together in many dimensions. 

Thank you Donna and Janet for transmitting these rights of passage and for the deep healing, and sharing teachings and wisdom of the ancient ones. 

In deep, deep gratitude and appreciation. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you."
- S.U.